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DBI SALA 35ft Spectra Rope Ultra-Lok SRL 3504453

Ultra Lok 35ft SRL 3504453

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Item No: DBI01-3504453
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Product Description
This Ultra-Lok SRL from DBI/SALA is special in having non-conductive rope for the lifeline, rather than cable. This can be very useful when working around electrical components in vaults or on top of large transformers.

Constructed with stainless steel internal working components, with a swiveling anchorage loop to prevent twisting and a reserve lifeline retention system that keeps extra turns of rope on the drum for added safety. It has 35ft of Vectran synthetic lifeline in thermoplastic polyurethane housing. The synthetic rope offers the advantage of not being an electrical conductor, for those applications where that may be an issue. Aluminum side plates are used to reinforce the housing for maximum durability and minimum weight. It also contains an anti-ratcheting twin brake system with audible clicking indicator so that you know it is functioning properly. It exceeds all applicable industry standards including OSHA and ANSI Z359-2007. Weight 14 lbs.

DBI Ultra-Lok SRL Manual
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